The Team


A Solicitor who knows her Family Law ...


You will be given advice by me an experienced solicitor specialising in Family Law.


Support staff who work for you ...


You and I will be assisted by a team of friendly, efficient and highly trained para-legals.


and respected Counsel in Court ...


If your case goes to Court you will be represented by a specialist Legal Practitioner appearing as your barrister. He has more than 30 years of legal training and Court room experience.


                                                          Your Team!


Jo Dean





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What our clients say:


"McVeity & Associates have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in their office.  

I like the way Jo strategeically assessed the oppositon, both counsel and other parties and the way para-legals handle their side of the matter so clients can ring the paralegal and they are up to speed with the case so I don't have to worry the lawyers all the time"


Greg, Farmer