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About Us


Our story begins in 1982 when Philip McVeity made a seachange with his young family and moved from Sydney to Tasmania. In 1986 he established McVeity & Associates.

Fast forward to 2003 and Joanna Dean (Jo) joins the firm.  

Over the years the firm established a reputation for excellence and winning advice, specialising in all areas of Family Law. 

After much hard work by all, plenty of trials and tribulations, a lot of profanity, and many laughs (and numerous escapades offshore for some), McVeity & Associates becomes McVeity Dean Lawyers in 2019 when Philip realised that travelling really was better than working, and so he drifted off into the mist of time. Our last postcard was from Uzbekistan.

The only thing to change in 2019, apart from the name, was the office garden and wall art!  

You will not find any photos on this website of people shaking hands, smiling or other traditional symbols of law like you find on other law firm websites. Reality is not like that, at least not at first, and sometimes not at all.  Separation is hard, confusing and for some couples, toxic and damaging.

It takes a lawyer who understands people and processes and all forms of family violence and it’s possible impact, and who has a strong team behind them, to get you through it all.  It takes a lawyer who can use all reasonable tools available to secure the outcome you want, who helps set realistic expectations, who tells you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear, and who can guide you through it all in the best way possible. 

That’s what we have. Family Law is what we do. We do it well.

If you need help at a reasonable cost from specialists then contact us.

Jo Dean