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Our Team

We are in our fifth decade working as the Family Law experts. We have 3 lawyers with
more than 60 years of experience between us!

We believe in strong representation.

Strong representation is a lawyer who knows the law, sure, but just as importantly it means
someone who can explain the law to you in ways that you can understand, a lawyer who can
use all reasonable tools available to her to secure the outcome you want and a lawyer who
can protect and re-invigorate you in the first steps towards a new life and better relationships.

You need a lawyer who will show you reasonable expectations and who will not be afraid
to help you adjust your expectations rather than just telling you what you want to hear.

You need a lawyer who understands the dynamics of personality and the effects of domestic violence when it has been part of your experience. We are people first and lawyers second.

You need a lawyer who has the respect of the Court.

At McVeity & Associates your team will include:

Solicitors who know how Family Law and how people work…

You will be given advice (both legal and tactical) by an experienced solicitor specialising in
Family Law.

Support staff who work for you …

You and I will be assisted by a team of friendly, efficient and trained para-legals.

And, if needed, respected Counsel in Court …

If your case goes to Court you will be represented by a specialist lawyer appearing as your
barrister respectful to and respected by the State’s Judicial Officers

Jo Dean